Friday Hunt v1.18

It’s that time of the week again! This week our prompts are the Letter R, Favorite, and Texture.

Letter R is for Rabbits! More specifically Rabbit Hopping!

Denton and George
Landon and Bugs
Niece #4 and Jersey
Her smile says it all

This was our first official practice for Rabbit Hopping. What a bunch of fun. Bugs and George were a little distracted by all the smalls and didn’t do much. Jersey did amazing. He moved up to the 2nd level! The kids really enjoyed it and it is going to be great for them to handle the rabbits.

This weeks Favorite is from the other day letting the horses out.


Thunder is usually pretty calm. Until you let her out the first time in the spring! Everyone was running and bucking, but she is so stinking cute when she does it! I love happy horses.

20160428_091909 1

I love the Texture of the strawberry plants. I was so excited to see how much they have grown and that they are starting to put on blooms. I got a bunch of strawberries last year, I am hoping they will do even better this year!

Thank you for joining me for Friday’s Hunt this week. If you would like to check out the rest of the Friday’s Hunt gang, head over and visit our host Teresa at Eden Hill.