Feeling Frisky

Spring brings out the frisky in the animals. I got the fence fixed so that I can turn out JD and the horses.

Thunder was really feeling her oats.
Bo got a little concerned this time around.


Everybody getting involved.


Chrome and Thunder.



Chrome and Chevy.


My Boys


Here they come.

Ignore the dandelions, they will be going away very shortly. I love watching them run. I also got some work done on my goat play place.


Ok, well, maybe not new, but new to us. This is the ramp that Dad built to load hogs. As I told you before, Brother is converting all the old pig pens into cattle pens, so I re-using a lot of Dad’s stuff for the goats. This ramp is perfect for the goat play place. Dad built it pretty sturdy for the hogs, it’s actually fairly heavy. I think it will hold up well with goats jumping around on it.


I built the play place a couple years ago with scrap wood. The bottom level fell apart so I replaced the top of it with an old barn door I found. It is way more stable now.

Big girls and JD.

I turned the girls out on the grass. They didn’t run around so much. Mostly went to eating. JD didn’t get into the horses running around either. He just put his head down and ate.

Nala and Piper got into the excitement. Not much difference in their size anymore.

My day ended by shivering through a track meet. It was the first home track meet on our newly resurfaced track!


We won! Madelyn and Niece #2 are both on the team. Niece #2 won the 3000 meter race! Madelyn PR’d (Personal Record) in the 3000, getting 4th! Then she ran the 1500 meter and PR’d again. It was a great race, she came from 5th to get 2nd place. I am so proud of these two girls. Their strength and determination is a beautiful thing to see. Congratulations Trojans!

It was a lovely day and a perfect ending.