During one of my random wandering sessions I saw weeds growing! GRR.

Sour dock in my hay field.


The last few years, the entry of my hay field has been just full of weeds! I am trying to get ahead of a few of them. Maybe Brothers first cutting won’t be so full of them this year.

Sour dock out of my hay field.


I took my spade out and cut down as many as I could find.

Happy Goats. Weeds are good for something.

I am trying to let my pastures rest and grow as long as possible, so every one is shut in lots or smaller pens, so some green stuff is really delightful!

Diana, Dolly, and Tawny. You can tell they are related, can’t you?


While out there I decided I would do a tummy and udder check.

Indi is definitely showing signs of udder development.

I am starting to feel unsure about everyone else. I thought for sure Dolly and Scarlett were breed, but I am sure I saw the buck sniffing around Dolly and trying to mount her the 6th of February, which would give us a July 5th due date. Blaze is young, so we will see. My daughter was not thrilled. This udder does not look like we are going to be waiting until July! But they can start showing signs and do nothing for a long time, so I am trying to be patient and watch. I know the buck was with them starting the 31st of December, so our earliest due date is the 30th of May. I am thinking I will separate Scarlett and Janet before that, so I can watch them more closely.


After the kids got home we got out the three rabbits they want to try Rabbit Hopping with.


Landon and Bugs, Denton and Fluffball, Niece #4 and Jersey




It was a little chaotic to say the least. One wouldn’t move at all (I think we are going to exchange him for George) two wouldn’t stop moving and apparently DO NOT want to be friends. Niece #4 and Landon had a heck of a time keeping them from trying to fight. Boys! But the kids had a blast and the rabbits seemed to enjoy the exercise and sunshine. Of course I couldn’t help but take a few cute pictures!

Fluffball, the rabbit formerly known as Blades. That face!

I got Dazzle out to see how she would do, she is usually fairly active. Today she found a nice cool shaded spot and parked it.

Tire indentation made the perfect spot to lay.

She went around a couple times in the tire hole, until she found just the right spot.

It was very nearly the perfect spring day here yesterday, once the clouds moved out. Looking forward to some rain, mostly because its coming and I have no choice so might as well be happy about it. Have a blessed day!