Sometimes I have a little trouble focusing on one thing and staying on task. I tend to wander and lose track of what I was doing or even what I was planning on doing. Yesterday was definitely one of those days.

I did chores and got kids off to school. Cleaned out the guinea pig cage. So far so good. Then I went to the barn to do some more cleaning and organizing. It’s beautiful, so I think I better put a couple bunnies out to enjoy it.

Jersey enjoying some dandelions.
Gina was so snotty, I hope that means she is bred.

I get back to the barn and I found some hoses that I bought last years so I thought I should go find the float I bought so I could hook up the big tank. While walking to the truck, I realized I hadn’t checked my garden today.

OOOO!! Strawberry blooms!!
A real Ladybug!
And another one.


I finally got to the truck and thought about the fact that I wanted to wash my sheets so in the house I go. On the way back out I notice the can of Flex Seal I bought for the horse tank with a small leak. After fixing that, I went back for the float, but the truck was a mess so I started cleaning that. JD started calling to me, so I ended up out in the lot brushing him when Hubby found me to take me out to dinner.

Pretty boy.

Good grief. It’s sometimes amazing to me that I ever actually get anything done. Keep in mind I am always stopping to take pictures!

Random shot of the boys cause they are beautiful.


I did get the float hooked up, some more things hauled out of the barn, and worked on cleaning up our over grown ditch that blocks the view of the road.


We also had to stop and make a trip to Sisters house to meet a special arrival! Some of you may know, 2 years ago in January, Sister and her family woke up to their barn on fire. They lost all their animals. It was very hard for them. Niece #2, #3, and #4 have started rebuilding their little herd. Niece #2’s doe Pollyanna had her kid on Sunday!! We are so excited!

Meet Dash.
Polly and Dash



Polly is being a great first time mother. I know Niece #2 is a little bummed at having one and a boy, we were all hoping for girls to keep! But healthy is always a good thing. If you want to see more, you can check out Sisters farm at 7th Heaven Acres or visit them on facebook. They would love to see you!