More Sunday Fun!

I have a lot of crafty, creative friends for which I am very thankful! I end up with some very cool, very unique things. One of those friends is helping us host crafting parties. Which are so much fun! This month we made fairy houses.


I am not completely done, I still have to add the dirt and moss around the base. Then I am going to have cascading flowers for the roof! I am planning to put it in my flower garden, but darn it looks beautiful in the dining room with my house plants.

Mady and ash house

Niece #1 came to take pictures for her college photography class. Turns out she joined the class! She thought it looked like fun, so she started on hers. It turned out amazing. Madelyn made her roof by herself and found different trinkets, staying with a silver theme. She is so creative.

The thing I find so fun about these crafting parties is we all sit down with the same things in front of us and come up with such amazingly different things when we are done!

Audrey house

Niece #4 and Sister came also. Niece #4 is going to use her fairy house as a 4-H project for the fair! She is planning to use a cactus garden we planted a couple years ago for the Clover Kids 4-H Great Gardners Fest project as the roof! I can’t wait to see it all done. I love her Hobbit Door.

This made for such a fun afternoon with a bunch of wonderful friends. I can’t wait to see what the plan is for next month. It is so much fun to go and make something that you have seen and thought I would love to do that, but then you never do. This is just what I needed!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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