Oh I Love Gardening

Once the garden is tilled, I get pretty excited to get in there and play in the dirt.

I went the next day to get my seeds. Mom always get her seeds from Brekke’s Feed Store, so that is where I always go. I have tried seeds from other places and have not had as good a luck with them.


They have a good selection and variety, at least good enough for me!


I started by picking my potatoes and onion plants.


Then the fun begins. This is where they keep the seeds and you basically go down the row and pick which variety you want of each seed, and the how long your row/rows will be and they measure out the amount of seed you will need. This year I got radishes, lettuce, beets, sugar peas, carrots, spinach, kale, kohlrabi, turnips, dill,  bush green beans, pole green beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, white and yellow popcorn, bodacious and serendipity sweet corn, red and white potatoes, and 2 kinds of onions. I am trying 12 new varieties or seeds that I have never planted. I love trying new varieties of things I have planted before to see if I like them better or if the ones I have always planted are better. New varieties this year are the 2 kinds of radishes, carrots, pole beans, cucumbers, white popcorn, bodacious sweet corn, Kennebec white potatoes and both onion types. New things I am trying for the first time are dill and turnips. Should be fun to see what the family decides. I also got grass seed to over seed empty parts of the yard and for a new experiment(more details later).


Mapping out the garden took a good part of the afternoon. I try to keep rotating where I put things so I never plant the same thing in the same spot two years in a row. I did manage to get my potatoes and onions planted the first night and the next day I got my peas planted and wire put up, beets, sparkler radishes, and kale planted.


In Landon’s garden for 4-H, we got his potatoes and both kinds of popcorn planted.


I also started the pumpkin, cucumber, and zucchini seeds.

It’s so good to start the growing season.