Friday’s Hunt 1.17

Welcome back for another edition of Friday’s Hunt. This week our prompts are the Letter Q, Weeks Favorite, and At Rest.

My Letter Q is our Queen, Scarlett.


She can be a little bossy, she is the main reason that the young girls had to be moved to the new pen. But since she was a bottle baby, raised by my middle son, she will be here for her life. She is sweet and an outstanding mother! I can’t wait to see the babies that are cooking in her belly right now! By the way, Scarlett was born down the road at Eden Hills, our host for Friday’s Hunt so she is the perfect Letter Q!

My Weeks Favorite is a couple different pictures, but they are all of my daughter and her prom date. They looked so nice and it was a great day to take pictures.

Under the crabapple tree
Of course, you have to get the tank in a couple
Old school bells in the back ground
20160423_175044 (2)
Through the bell
Our post office building makes a great back drop

Ok, I had a really hard time picking a favorite. But these are the favorites from each location.

At Rest is another easy one for me, poor Janet! She is my accidental breeding this year. She is only a yearling and I didn’t really mean for her to be bred. But she sure is.



She walks to the food and lays down to eat. The only problem she runs into is she wants to eat with mom Scarlett, who never stays in one place. You just never know who has the better food. So Scarlett runs off to take the next pile and the Janet has to get up and move and lay down again. About that time, Scarlett is on the move again. Poor fat, uncomfortable girl. They are moving inside to a kidding pen the middle of May because I am almost certain they will be my first two to kid this year.

Thank you for joining me for another Hunt. Thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting each week. If you have a chance, stop over and visit all the Friday’s Hunt blogs. Each week it is neat to see how every person interprets the prompts.