New pen

When we originally moved here, I built two separate pens for the ducks and chickens. But that was before I had goats, which I now need more inside and separate pens for. So the ducks have moved in with the chickens. I recently got rid of all my roosters, they went to live at my cousins farm. The ducks are quite happy with the arrangement and my snotty chickens don’t seem to care.

The duck pen was torn apart and cleaned out and rebuilt as a small goat pen.


I reused one of the gates Dad built that we took down when Brother converted hog pens into cattle pens.


For now I moved the young girls into the new pen. The older girls need a little grain before kidding and they fight off the young girls who also need grain to finish growing. Plus this will make it easy for the kids to get in and work with the young girls.

Ginger, Wynn, Zulu, Wynona, and Callie out of the picture.



I think they will be fairly happy in their new little spot. Now to figure out how to get a door put in and finish the outside fence so they can enjoy the sunshine. But thankfully they are able to eat and rest in peace for now.