Friday Hunt 1.16

So it’s Friday Hunt time again! Here we go with Letter P, Weeks Favorite, and In Motion.

Letter P is such an easy one! Piper Puppy of course!

Piper’s mom and siblings(she is the black and white one by mom’s back leg)
Piper and siblings (she is the one by herself in the back)
So tiny.
She is exactly half the size (weight) of Bo. Let’s see what next month brings!

She is so good about sleeping with the goats and playing in the yard with the kids. I am really enjoying having her around!


This is my weeks favorite and may be one of my all time favorites. I came in after feeding Ginger her bottle and found Landon sitting petting our old cat Belle while feeding Derek. This is what all of this work and money and effort is about. My heart is so full just looking at this picture.

12476985_567525660090090_1190210678_o (2)


For In Motion, this picture is perfect. They are so in sync together! These two are so funny together and love playing and jumping and running all over. Even if I didn’t have a picture of them running, they would have been my In Motion because they rarely are not in motion!

Thank you again to Teresa down the road at Eden Hills for hosting Friday’s Hunt for us. If you haven’t gone over and checked her blog and farm out, please do! See you back next week and hope you had a blessed weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday Hunt 1.16

  1. Piper is adorable! I am really wanting a puppy, but I am very picky, and I don’t know what I want but I really want a German Shepard (or cross). I love that second image. It really is what it’s all about. The last one is too cute! They do look like they have fun together. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt!


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