Don’t Laugh

Some of us that are more hobby than farmer tend to have find a way to get things done without always relying on someone with the proper equipment. And it isn’t always cost effective to buy the proper equipment.

There are days when I am helping Brother, that I sit back and think, wow I need this and I need that and wouldn’t it be easy to do get this done if I one of those? Then I get home and realize #1 where am I going to store all of these wonderful things and #2 I can’t pay that much to use something 2 times a year for an hour. So while it would be easier to do things with bigger equipment, I get by with what I have.

May I present to you my ‘Tractor’ and ‘Manure Spreader’


Ok I used the term ‘Spreader’ loosely here. The actual spreader looks a lot more like this…


I told you not to laugh! I did get all the rabbit poop either bagged up and delivered to fellow gardeners or hauled out to fill the hole in my hay field where I thought I had a broken tile. Turns out I had a tile that came apart and let the water cause a big hole. Neighbor farmers son came and fixed it and put some dirt in it. Now that it has settled, I have to fill it and level it. Hopefully this year we won’t have to mow and rake around it.


At least it dumps!


It filled it up pretty good. I am hoping for a little rain before my hay gets to tall so I can go back out with a couple bags of good top soil and put over the top of the manure and hand seed some alfalfa.

I did have one minor break down. My ‘Loader Tractor’ which I have been limping along for years now, has finally given up completely.


Guess I will have to finally get a new loader.

But in all honesty, when I do the big lot I call in the serious back up. Neighbor farmer comes and takes about a half hour to get it done. Looking forward to being done hauling manure.


But don’t worry, the animals will make more!

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