Family Ties

I am always amazed at the family ties in the goat herd. No matter how long they are weaned from their mothers the find each other immediately upon being put back into the same pen.

Herd Queen Scarlett and Daughter Janet
Dolly with Martha’s Daughter Diana and Tawny

Dolly seems to have adopted Martha’s daughter. Dolly and Martha were out of sisters and had the same father. Diana and Tawny are the same and they are always together and with Dolly if she is in the pen. I think usually looking for protection from bossy ole’ Scarlett.

Indi and Button

Neither Indi’s or Button’s moms live on our farm anymore. But they were very close sisters and these two are definitely close to each other. They always together, eating or snuggled in together at night.

Wynn and Wynona

These two are twins and almost always with each other. They also let little sister Zulu hang around sometimes.

Zulu and Callie

Zulu is a half sister to Wynn and Wynona. They let her hang out but often she can be found laying around with Callie, who also came to us alone. They have buddied up and let Baby Ginger cuddle up most of the time.

I love watching the hierarchy and their interactions with each other. They are each so different and have such personalities. I really expected Dolly to step up and become herd queen after Martha’s unexpected passing, but instead it was Scarlett with her big personality. She does a good job and keeps everyone in line, including Piper Puppy who is learning not to play rough now that all the girls are together in one pen until kidding dates get closer.