All in a day

I love beautiful, sunny, warm, not to windy days!! Holy cow can I get a lot done. Of course, on this, the first beautiful, sunny, warm, not to windy day I had a lot of interruptions!

Started the day by taking Madelyn and Niece #2 to drivers education at 6 am. The sunrise was stunning.



Then back home to get the boys up, dressed, make breakfast and do chores. Then off to the vet with Piper.

20160413_075813 (2)
I hope she understands that Great Pyrenees don’t always get to ride on the console?
20160413_075821 (2)
Hiding her face, like I can’t see her?



It was about a 2 minute appointment, weight 27.4, one shot booster and a wormer. Out the door we go. Since we are there, and the feed store is next door we stop there. Back home to finish chores.

Then I get all my tools (and the ones I borrowed from Brother) out to finish the chicken house remodel. Someone, not naming names but it was me, built the coop without giving much thought to cleaning it out. Since I tore down the duck pen to make another kidding/goat pen, I now have a second door so I am putting it up to make the entry bigger! I am just about to get the new door started when I get a call that my mower is done at the shop up town. So off I go.


On the way by, I stopped into the bar Hubby and I own to set up the money and pay bills for the day. Then I get the mower and head home to start again. I just got the door installed and an alarm went off on my phone. Thank goodness for those or I would have missed Denton’s Character of the Month Award Assembly!

20160413_122541 (2)
Miss this face? Never!


He was so excited! So after that, the kids had an early out. So I took Denton and Niece #4 home with me. Then back to the barn and after afternoon bottle feedings I started on the doors again. Got the board attached and the light switch moved and start to line up second door when Madelyn and Niece #2 come out to say it is time for track. So off we go again. Drop them off and return home. Realize I need to unload my treasure I got from Brother last night! It’s just old piece off a field conditioner, but I have crafty friends and I see flowers and suns!

So I finally get the door put up and the wire cut and tightened up and realize I need to head back to pick up the girls from track. Take Niece #2 home, take Brothers tools back and give Niece #5 and¬†little nephew¬†quick squeezes before heading back home to work second job as a respite provider for one of the little boys I used to babysit. That leads us to supper time and playing catch with all the boys in the yard until dark. Night chores and here I am. So much for finishing the project completely. Maybe Brother won’t need me tomorrow and I can have one more try at finishing these two pens!

I won’t complain though. My blessings are all around me and the work will get done. Eventually.