Funny story Mom

These are from a couple years ago, but we may or may not have completely explain it to Mom.  Mom had taken off to visit her sister in California. This is what I found when I got to where Brother and Neighbor are fixing a water gap. This happens to be her Mule.


Yeah, its really stuck. Right in the middle of the creek. Thankfully it was only in the first pasture from the house. We went and got the Teryx which is a slightly different Kawasaki than the Mule to pull it out from the bank. That was successful only in sinking the Mule further.


So we went for serious back up.


The 1270 might be a little excessive, but it was our only option because it was the only tractor on the farm at that time. With 3 chains and cable, backed up to edge of the cliff we barely reached.  You can see Brother back by the Mule trying to decide how best to hook this up. Lucky for us not to far in front of the Mule the creek was much more solid than it had been and we drove out.

Mom probably isn’t to upset with Brother and I, and we had a good laugh about how stuck it was.  These are times that while not planned end up being a treasured memory.

Remember that one time…