Friday Hunt 1.15

I am a little slow getting around to my Friday Hunt again this week! Thank you again Teresa for hosting! This week the prompts are Starts with O, Weeks Favorite, and Spring/Fall.


Indi does NOT Start with O. But Ornery does and that is the best way I can describe this goat! At 3 you would think she would start to grow out of her troublemaking ways, but no. My boys got home the other day and found her out in the hay field eating away. Keep in mind, she is the reason I am having to replace all my fence and no one can be in the pasture right now because she won’t respect electric fences. So now I am having to put up woven wire fence. Apparently she isn’t respecting gates either. Landon said he went and got her and put her away, and she promptly ran through the lot to the other side and twisted herself sideways through the gate again. Ran right back out to the hay field. So, she has moved in with the bucks for now. Grr

My Weeks Favorite also goes right along with my Spring prompt.

Orange Rocket Burberry
Magnolia Bush

I love when color shows up in spring. It makes me so happy. The only thing I like more than beautiful colors on flowers and trees in the spring is beautiful colors on babies! I wish we had a couple running around already!

Linking up with Friday Hunt over Eden Hills. Hope everyone had a blessed weekend.