A ride with us.

I would like to show you a little glimpse at a ride with us.  Sometimes we aren’t working and sometimes we are checking cows or gathering them up to move them, but it is always a happy time.


Mom and Sister joining us! I love when they can come. My Sister didn’t join us this year after losing her horse Rocky in a devastating barn fire last year. We miss having him and her with us.


A normal picture of Chrome on a ride. We are never in pictures! He is probably thinking seriously? Do I have to follow him there? That’s Friend Katie up ahead on Woody.


Some of the places, no matter how many times I ride there are breathtaking. This is my Sis in Law riding through the trees.


We tend to just wander, up hills, around bends, through creeks, where ever we can find an opening. It is so relaxing and refreshing.


Woody and Katie are usually the first in when the creek is up. He is a little younger than Chrome and tends to get himself out trouble easier. Chrome sinks. Or stumbles. This particular spot was deep all one summer and we spent a lot of hot days running in and out of it.


See! We do work. I don’t always have my camera out when we are moving cows, well because we are moving cows and they don’t always go the way you want them too. I would hate to break my camera because I was messing around while working. But this was a relaxed ride through. Making sure everyone is there and accounted for.


Summertime is best for motor boating. At least that’s what we call this. There is one spot in the back of one of our pastures we ride that is always perfect for taking off and racing through. It’s especially fun with people who don’t know you are going to it! On warm days they don’t mind so much and neither do the horses.