4-H Times

4-H has been a big part of my life. This is my best friend Shawna and I showing in the Champion Market Steer show in July 1995. They are both her steers and she won Grand Champion Market Steer that night. She also won Reserve (the red one that I am showing). It was our last year showing. I loved showing with her and showing animals.


My kids started 4-H a few years ago. We obviously show smaller animals now than I did.

Madelyn and Georgia G. Pig


The wonderful thing about showing in 4-H is it teaches the kids to take care of something, to take pride in something. This smile says it all. She learned about her guinea pig and took excellent care of her and it paid off with a Reserve Champion ribbon at the small pet show!

Landon’s Great Gardener Feast entry


Clover Kids is for kids kindergarten to 3rd grade. They can enter a variety of projects and get to tell the judge what the learned. Landon is now in 4-H, but he was proud of this, it was the first thing he ever planted and took care of himself. It is still in my dining room today.

Denton showing Gizmo Guinea Pig


Madelyn and her does.

1st picture is Landon and George (middle),

2nd picture is Niece Audrey & Shimmer (left) and Denton & Chase (3rd)

Clover kids are also able to show bottle goats. What a fun project! These are the 3 we have had so far. The first one is of Landon showing Scarlett. The other two are Denton with ??? and Amirose. This is a great way to get them started showing livestock!

Madelyn and Bo


We tried the dog show for the first time last year. The obedience classes were really good for Bo ad Madelyn who likes to take him running with her.

2013 Poultry Show


Due to the Bird Flu last year there was a Bird Ban in effect. So this picture is of the year Madelyn got reserve Grand Champion of the Ornamental show with Diddo Dove. The big guy that beat her? My nephew #1 Patrick¬†with his Guineafowl! We didn’t mind coming in 2nd to him!

Madelyn and Diddo 2014


She made up for it the next year when the judge did something he had never done before. She not only was the Champion of the Dove or Pigeon class, then the Champion of the Ornamental show, he then placed her as the Reserve Grand Champion of the Poultry Show. Who knew such a small bird could do so much! Unfortunately, doves don’t live very long lives and Diddo Dove passed away last year. He was sure fun while we had him with us.

Who know what all we will take this year. We usually do a vegetable garden, flower gardens and a couple other projects and camp at the fair with Gramma, Sister and Nieces #2, #3 and #4. It such a fun, hectic time but I love it. The sights and sounds remind me of the wonderful times I had as kid camping with Mom and both sets of grandparents, Sister, Brother and Cousins. I guess the fun just goes on!