Fond Memories

Since Brother plants conventional beans we have been walking them again. He likes to do it because if you cut the weed you are sure you got it. With spray you don’t know or they are often stunted and then grow up later.

The Crew


I like to walk beans for a different reason. Some great memories can be made while you are apparently stuck in a 60 acre bean field.  As kids, Dad always hired neighbor kids or friends to walk with us. The talks we could have. The bonds we formed. Walking with your sibling you have time to really talk to each other. Walking between your parents and grandparents while they work beside you gets you lots of fun old time stories. You learn that everyone out there with you is working hard and that is a good thing. My kids, nieces and nephew walked with us again this year.  They still consider it a form of cruel and unusual punishment.  What they don’t know is that someday, when they are busy with their adult lives, they will look back on these times spent with cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncle and Gramma as a treasured memory.

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