So today

Well today was one of those cruddy, almost sprinkling, blowing like a hurricane and cuts right to your bones, wait it’s sunny, no it’s raining, kind of spring days. So, FINE, I will do some house work. Whatever, that is so boring. But I did of course have to spend some of the day in the barn. I snuck out once when the sun was shining and played with Piper. She went in and meet the really big guys.

20160404_182338.jpgThey followed her all over and she sniffed them. Piper loves all her animal friends.

Here are the baby lambs, they are doing great in the barn. They didn’t get to go outside today, but they are eating really good and growing fast!


Can you tell which one of the goats in this pen was a bottle baby last year? Blaze Buck likes to try to help out whenever we come in to feed the babies. He thinks he wants to try that bottle too. Since I won’t let him around me, he nibbles on me instead. Goof.

Anyway, here is to a better day to play outside tomorrow!