Rainy Days…Don’t get me down

I love a rainy night. I don’t even mind a rainy day now and again. Now it’s different if they come a whole bunch in a row, then they get me down a little!

Anyway, this particular rainy day didn’t get me down at all. I rather enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful green grass. I wandered out in the hay field to check the spot where the tile broke. Neighbor Farmer brought his backhoe and fixed the tile and the hole. I thought it would settle and needed to see how much fill dirt I would need to haul before I can hand seed it. The dogs love when I wander around.

Relaxing after our hay field hike.


After we got back I spent a little time in the barn with Ransom. He isn’t very friendly and while he is living inside with Blaze and Piper I am trying to play with him a little each day. He’s very handsome, he just needs to understand that I am not scary.

Handsome Ransom

After a bit, I went to hay the horses and calf. Poor Piper, she thinks she needs to go with me everywhere! She really did make it up about 3 rungs! I wonder if she will ever make it up into the haymow?

Sweet Piper

Now I would like to make a plea to everyone who sees this, feel free to spread the word. As we head full swing into spring please be patient with your local farmers.

Common sight right now.


They are just going to work and realize they are slowing you down. They don’t like to be slowed down anymore than you. They aren’t doing it out of spite, just out of necessity. And as always, remember if you are in an agricultural area…


You would think this wouldn’t be needed, but there are days! I love to remind people that if you ate anything today, thank a farmer!