Friday 1.14

Well it’s the weekend again. That means it’s time for Friday’s Hunt with Teresa at Eden Hills. This week the prompts are the Letter N, Weeks Favorite.

Nala and her boy.

Of course the Letter N is for Nala. She is the boys in our familys favorite. She adores them back.

20160331_201658.jpgMy Weeks Favorite is this! Yay for Madelyn. She got her Greenhand Degree in FFA, her bronze pin and a silver award on her Greenhand Test at the Parent/Member banquet. It was very fun to go with her and be a part of this night. I admit, I am a little jealous my school didn’t offer FFA when I was in school. It is such a great program. I was also a little sad that Dad wasn’t able to be there. He was also a member of the West Marshall FFA and he would have really enjoyed seeing the size of the group and sharing that with his granddaughter.

One thought on “Friday 1.14

  1. Nala is beautiful! So glad to see Madelyn in FFA. I know the boys always loved it. Can’t wait to see the updated birdhouse pictures. (Don’t forget to link up). Thanks so much for participating in Friday’s Hunt!


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