My first best friend ever

“Prince Fastenough” Fooler   DOB April 1st, Unknown-Dec. 18th, 1993

Many years ago, Uncle bought himself a horse. There was very little information about this horses background, except he was a good cow horse. No notion of his breeding, though we kind of think draft horse(HUGE head and feet), appaloosa(markings were obvious), pony(size was questionable)? I do use the term horse loosely. As Sister and I have grown up, we have started to doubt that we ever had horses. More like large ponies. Crazy, fast, large, cow ponies. Anyway, eventually Uncle didn’t have a place for his horse. Dad did and had cows that he could use him with. So Uncle lent his horse to Dad.

And so begins the first love story of my life. This horse was hard to catch, hard to control, difficult when being used, and while no one seemed to like him much they all agreed that moving cows was easier with him along. He was good at his job. Oh boy did he love it too! He loved to have a job to do. My only regret is that I was so young and he was so old.


I think I am 9 in this picture. He is about 27. We were never exactly sure of his age. Uncle thought he was around 13-14 when he bought him. Who knows. This year we won the barrels at the 4-H Fair. Unfortunately, after they gave us the ribbon and told us we were to be the representatives at the State Fair, they realized I was to young to go. Mom realized afterwards, he was probably to old and could have gotten hurt. I was just plain devastated. But, showing horses wasn’t meant to be my thing. So I rode him constantly at home, moving cattle and playing by ourselves. He was the greatest thing about my childhood. We had so much fun together in our years together.


This was taken the year we sold him. Not by my choice, but I think Dad was trying to avoid having to have me watch him waste away and die. Not sure I would have handled it any worse than I did selling him. It was December 18th, 1993, I will never forget that day. However, Dad was smarter than I gave him credit for at the time. I was back in the saddle riding Sisters horse Babe by spring. He was kind of a knuckle head like Fooler. I will never forget my first love and the many memories we had together. He was a wonderful “horse”.

Happy Birthday Old Friend. I love you still today. Thank you for the lessons in life you taught me and thank you being my first true love.

My fondest memories with him always included…”Young Riders will return in a moment” right Sister?