Friday Hunt v1.18

It’s that time of the week again! This week our prompts are the Letter R, Favorite, and Texture.

Letter R is for Rabbits! More specifically Rabbit Hopping!

Denton and George
Landon and Bugs
Niece #4 and Jersey
Her smile says it all

This was our first official practice for Rabbit Hopping. What a bunch of fun. Bugs and George were a little distracted by all the smalls and didn’t do much. Jersey did amazing. He moved up to the 2nd level! The kids really enjoyed it and it is going to be great for them to handle the rabbits.

This weeks Favorite is from the other day letting the horses out.


Thunder is usually pretty calm. Until you let her out the first time in the spring! Everyone was running and bucking, but she is so stinking cute when she does it! I love happy horses.

20160428_091909 1

I love the Texture of the strawberry plants. I was so excited to see how much they have grown and that they are starting to put on blooms. I got a bunch of strawberries last year, I am hoping they will do even better this year!

Thank you for joining me for Friday’s Hunt this week. If you would like to check out the rest of the Friday’s Hunt gang, head over and visit our host Teresa at Eden Hill.

Feeling Frisky

Spring brings out the frisky in the animals. I got the fence fixed so that I can turn out JD and the horses.

Thunder was really feeling her oats.
Bo got a little concerned this time around.


Everybody getting involved.


Chrome and Thunder.



Chrome and Chevy.


My Boys


Here they come.

Ignore the dandelions, they will be going away very shortly. I love watching them run. I also got some work done on my goat play place.


Ok, well, maybe not new, but new to us. This is the ramp that Dad built to load hogs. As I told you before, Brother is converting all the old pig pens into cattle pens, so I re-using a lot of Dad’s stuff for the goats. This ramp is perfect for the goat play place. Dad built it pretty sturdy for the hogs, it’s actually fairly heavy. I think it will hold up well with goats jumping around on it.


I built the play place a couple years ago with scrap wood. The bottom level fell apart so I replaced the top of it with an old barn door I found. It is way more stable now.

Big girls and JD.

I turned the girls out on the grass. They didn’t run around so much. Mostly went to eating. JD didn’t get into the horses running around either. He just put his head down and ate.

Nala and Piper got into the excitement. Not much difference in their size anymore.

My day ended by shivering through a track meet. It was the first home track meet on our newly resurfaced track!


We won! Madelyn and Niece #2 are both on the team. Niece #2 won the 3000 meter race! Madelyn PR’d (Personal Record) in the 3000, getting 4th! Then she ran the 1500 meter and PR’d again. It was a great race, she came from 5th to get 2nd place. I am so proud of these two girls. Their strength and determination is a beautiful thing to see. Congratulations Trojans!

It was a lovely day and a perfect ending.


We had a fairly good rain last night. On my walk to see how much we got, which only ended up being a half inch, I couldn’t believe the raindrops left behind.

20160428_091909 1.jpg
Strawberries are looking so healthy.
20160428_091959 1
Tall grass full of drops.
20160428_092008 (2)
Patch of clover.
20160428_092013 (2)
20160428_092019 (2)
Even though they are weeds, they are still beautiful today.

I enjoy a good rain. I love seeing the beauty that comes from it.

By the way, 15 years ago today, I was walking down the aisle to marry my friend, my love, my partner, my biggest supporter. Thank you Hon, for the last 15 years. I look forward to the beauty of our lives that is yet to come.


During one of my random wandering sessions I saw weeds growing! GRR.

Sour dock in my hay field.


The last few years, the entry of my hay field has been just full of weeds! I am trying to get ahead of a few of them. Maybe Brothers first cutting won’t be so full of them this year.

Sour dock out of my hay field.


I took my spade out and cut down as many as I could find.

Happy Goats. Weeds are good for something.

I am trying to let my pastures rest and grow as long as possible, so every one is shut in lots or smaller pens, so some green stuff is really delightful!

Diana, Dolly, and Tawny. You can tell they are related, can’t you?


While out there I decided I would do a tummy and udder check.

Indi is definitely showing signs of udder development.

I am starting to feel unsure about everyone else. I thought for sure Dolly and Scarlett were breed, but I am sure I saw the buck sniffing around Dolly and trying to mount her the 6th of February, which would give us a July 5th due date. Blaze is young, so we will see. My daughter was not thrilled. This udder does not look like we are going to be waiting until July! But they can start showing signs and do nothing for a long time, so I am trying to be patient and watch. I know the buck was with them starting the 31st of December, so our earliest due date is the 30th of May. I am thinking I will separate Scarlett and Janet before that, so I can watch them more closely.


After the kids got home we got out the three rabbits they want to try Rabbit Hopping with.


Landon and Bugs, Denton and Fluffball, Niece #4 and Jersey




It was a little chaotic to say the least. One wouldn’t move at all (I think we are going to exchange him for George) two wouldn’t stop moving and apparently DO NOT want to be friends. Niece #4 and Landon had a heck of a time keeping them from trying to fight. Boys! But the kids had a blast and the rabbits seemed to enjoy the exercise and sunshine. Of course I couldn’t help but take a few cute pictures!

Fluffball, the rabbit formerly known as Blades. That face!

I got Dazzle out to see how she would do, she is usually fairly active. Today she found a nice cool shaded spot and parked it.

Tire indentation made the perfect spot to lay.

She went around a couple times in the tire hole, until she found just the right spot.

It was very nearly the perfect spring day here yesterday, once the clouds moved out. Looking forward to some rain, mostly because its coming and I have no choice so might as well be happy about it. Have a blessed day!


Sometimes I have a little trouble focusing on one thing and staying on task. I tend to wander and lose track of what I was doing or even what I was planning on doing. Yesterday was definitely one of those days.

I did chores and got kids off to school. Cleaned out the guinea pig cage. So far so good. Then I went to the barn to do some more cleaning and organizing. It’s beautiful, so I think I better put a couple bunnies out to enjoy it.

Jersey enjoying some dandelions.
Gina was so snotty, I hope that means she is bred.

I get back to the barn and I found some hoses that I bought last years so I thought I should go find the float I bought so I could hook up the big tank. While walking to the truck, I realized I hadn’t checked my garden today.

OOOO!! Strawberry blooms!!
A real Ladybug!
And another one.


I finally got to the truck and thought about the fact that I wanted to wash my sheets so in the house I go. On the way back out I notice the can of Flex Seal I bought for the horse tank with a small leak. After fixing that, I went back for the float, but the truck was a mess so I started cleaning that. JD started calling to me, so I ended up out in the lot brushing him when Hubby found me to take me out to dinner.

Pretty boy.

Good grief. It’s sometimes amazing to me that I ever actually get anything done. Keep in mind I am always stopping to take pictures!

Random shot of the boys cause they are beautiful.


I did get the float hooked up, some more things hauled out of the barn, and worked on cleaning up our over grown ditch that blocks the view of the road.


We also had to stop and make a trip to Sisters house to meet a special arrival! Some of you may know, 2 years ago in January, Sister and her family woke up to their barn on fire. They lost all their animals. It was very hard for them. Niece #2, #3, and #4 have started rebuilding their little herd. Niece #2’s doe Pollyanna had her kid on Sunday!! We are so excited!

Meet Dash.
Polly and Dash



Polly is being a great first time mother. I know Niece #2 is a little bummed at having one and a boy, we were all hoping for girls to keep! But healthy is always a good thing. If you want to see more, you can check out Sisters farm at 7th Heaven Acres or visit them on facebook. They would love to see you!

More Sunday Fun!

I have a lot of crafty, creative friends for which I am very thankful! I end up with some very cool, very unique things. One of those friends is helping us host crafting parties. Which are so much fun! This month we made fairy houses.


I am not completely done, I still have to add the dirt and moss around the base. Then I am going to have cascading flowers for the roof! I am planning to put it in my flower garden, but darn it looks beautiful in the dining room with my house plants.

Mady and ash house

Niece #1 came to take pictures for her college photography class. Turns out she joined the class! She thought it looked like fun, so she started on hers. It turned out amazing. Madelyn made her roof by herself and found different trinkets, staying with a silver theme. She is so creative.

The thing I find so fun about these crafting parties is we all sit down with the same things in front of us and come up with such amazingly different things when we are done!

Audrey house

Niece #4 and Sister came also. Niece #4 is going to use her fairy house as a 4-H project for the fair! She is planning to use a cactus garden we planted a couple years ago for the Clover Kids 4-H Great Gardners Fest project as the roof! I can’t wait to see it all done. I love her Hobbit Door.

This made for such a fun afternoon with a bunch of wonderful friends. I can’t wait to see what the plan is for next month. It is so much fun to go and make something that you have seen and thought I would love to do that, but then you never do. This is just what I needed!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Oh I Love Gardening

Once the garden is tilled, I get pretty excited to get in there and play in the dirt.

I went the next day to get my seeds. Mom always get her seeds from Brekke’s Feed Store, so that is where I always go. I have tried seeds from other places and have not had as good a luck with them.


They have a good selection and variety, at least good enough for me!


I started by picking my potatoes and onion plants.


Then the fun begins. This is where they keep the seeds and you basically go down the row and pick which variety you want of each seed, and the how long your row/rows will be and they measure out the amount of seed you will need. This year I got radishes, lettuce, beets, sugar peas, carrots, spinach, kale, kohlrabi, turnips, dill,  bush green beans, pole green beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, white and yellow popcorn, bodacious and serendipity sweet corn, red and white potatoes, and 2 kinds of onions. I am trying 12 new varieties or seeds that I have never planted. I love trying new varieties of things I have planted before to see if I like them better or if the ones I have always planted are better. New varieties this year are the 2 kinds of radishes, carrots, pole beans, cucumbers, white popcorn, bodacious sweet corn, Kennebec white potatoes and both onion types. New things I am trying for the first time are dill and turnips. Should be fun to see what the family decides. I also got grass seed to over seed empty parts of the yard and for a new experiment(more details later).


Mapping out the garden took a good part of the afternoon. I try to keep rotating where I put things so I never plant the same thing in the same spot two years in a row. I did manage to get my potatoes and onions planted the first night and the next day I got my peas planted and wire put up, beets, sparkler radishes, and kale planted.


In Landon’s garden for 4-H, we got his potatoes and both kinds of popcorn planted.


I also started the pumpkin, cucumber, and zucchini seeds.

It’s so good to start the growing season.