More of Piper


Piper had a pretty big day yesterday.


Went for a ride. Probably won’t be able to hold a great Pyrenees on my lap for long!


She “helped” build a little fence and clean out one of Mom’s buildings. Lots of running and playing and flopping down.


We looked at cows and calves, but didn’t go out since these are new mommies. Don’t want anybody hurt.


Heading home was beautiful.


You’ve pulled me through some hard times.

Me and Koda
Hope I’ve pulled you through a few.

And just know that I’ll always remember you.


Rest in peace my sweet and beautiful boy. Koda May 22, 2004-March 21, 2016

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My niece came running in the house this morning to give me this. My cup runneth over. I am truly blessed to have her love me.

A circus

Somedays life can feel a little like a circus. After being gone all day Saturday to a rabbit show, and then stopping by a 1st birthday party, I felt way behind before I even woke up this morning. But we had more plans today so off we go!

First chores and some cleaning quick, before we set up for our monthly crafting party! This month we made barn board signs. I will have to post finished pictures later as we got behind and had to leave them to dry.

Madelyn working on hers. She is planning to use it as a 4-H project.

It turned out good and I think we are going to put it on the barn door.

The I had a surprise for the kids. So we took off to Des Moines.

The gang.

The “plan” was to go to the Shriners Circus. The plan didn’t work as well as I had hoped. The website said the last show started at 7 when in reality it started at 5, so we only got to see about 3 acts.


These guys were wild to watch. The kids still enjoyed it but I was pretty disappointed we missed most of it. Oh well, the best laid plans, right?

I hope you all had a blessed weekend!

A New Experience

Madelyn and I spent our Saturday doing something we haven’t done before. We went to a Rabbit and Cavy(Guinea Pig) Show in Grinnell.


It was very interesting. I stood and listened to the judge to see what he was looking for in each rabbit and how he decided to place them. There were people from all over! We were fortunate enough to have meet an awesome young lady and her husband who are helping mentor us with getting started in the show circuit and with a new (to us) breed of rabbit.


This is Jersey Boy! Jersey is a pedigreed Beveren. The Beveren is a very old breed. Although uncommon in the United States, the Beveren has a rich European history, as the breed was first developed in Beveren, Belgium during the 19th century. The Beveren was derived from crosses of the Brabanconne, St. Nicolas Blue, and the Blue Vienna. In 1902, within Beveren, Belgium, the first standard was instituted for the “Blue Rabbit of Beveren” with the first exhibition of the Beveren Blue presented in Norwich, Great Britain during 1905.  However, after its introduction into the United States, it was later recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association on December 3, 1925. (Excerpt from or to read more about this beautiful breed go to the American Beveren Rabbit Club)

Madelyn with Jersey in the box in front of her. 1st in his class of senior Bucks.

Madelyn had fun showing him, and although he only won his class, we think he is pretty great. We are currently waiting on a couple of litters from the couple we bought him from for a doe. If you would like to see more of their amazing setup and rabbitry, head over to H&N Rabbitry and Caviery.

Side note about Rabbits shows. I learned that as a fundraiser for scholarships at each show, contestants are asked to bring something to enter in a drawing. People then buy tickets and put in the bag with the corresponding number on it. Guess what Madelyn won?!


Yup! A baby guinea pig! Meet Nygle. I don’t think we wanted another one, but I guess if you have 2 might as well have 3?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Friday Hunt v1.12


Friday again!? Seems like the weeks are flying by. I do sometimes wish time would slow down. But I am loving seeing things green up!

It’s time for Friday’s Hunt v1.12 with Teresa at Eden Hills. Don’t forget to stop over there and visit some of the other bloggers for their perspective! Our prompts for this week are the letter L, Week’s Favorite, and Lace.


This one is doing double duty this week. The bud on my Lilac bush is also my Favorite.


This is our Christmas Tree Angel. I always had a star on top of my tree growing up, but when my Mother In Law passed away, I was going through some of her boxes and found her. I could bear to part with her and we have put her on our tree every year since. She is probably the only thing this tom boy owns with Lace on it.