Oh for goodness sake…

I can’t be left alone. This is Junior and Derek.


I don’t even really like sheep, but when neighbor farmer called to say he had a couple lambs he was worried about I was over in a no time. We don’t think they had eaten at all and were very weak. Home we went to have colostrum. Boy did that seem to help. Junior is trying to stand now, Derek is a little weaker.

We will keep trying. Back to every 2 hour feedings.

20160325_162437 (2)

Got Chevy out. He was a bit ornery, but I expected that after a long winter. He settled down and did what I wanted. He even got a little loving from our guest.

Piper and Ginger got to run and play in the sunshine. They aren’t living together anymore. I think Piper is a little rough when she plays so she is living with Ransom and Blaze now.