A circus

Somedays life can feel a little like a circus. After being gone all day Saturday to a rabbit show, and then stopping by a 1st birthday party, I felt way behind before I even woke up this morning. But we had more plans today so off we go!

First chores and some cleaning quick, before we set up for our monthly crafting party! This month we made barn board signs. I will have to post finished pictures later as we got behind and had to leave them to dry.

Madelyn working on hers. She is planning to use it as a 4-H project.

It turned out good and I think we are going to put it on the barn door.

The I had a surprise for the kids. So we took off to Des Moines.

The gang.

The “plan” was to go to the Shriners Circus. The plan didn’t work as well as I had hoped. The website said the last show started at 7 when in reality it started at 5, so we only got to see about 3 acts.


These guys were wild to watch. The kids still enjoyed it but I was pretty disappointed we missed most of it. Oh well, the best laid plans, right?

I hope you all had a blessed weekend!