Getting to the point in winter when I start to get concerned that my hay might not make it through. I probably have enough but I always worry. I started with 400 bales in my mow. This is what was left a month ago.


I love growing my own hay and using it to feed my animals. I do have to watch that I don’t have more animals than I can store hay for. My 5 acre field is doing a great job so far for me, but I am getting pretty low now!

Not much left!


This is why I have been working on getting fences ready to turn everyone out! The rain we have been having really helps. It does not help the condition of my lot.

Oh beautiful green hay!


I walked out into my hay field to check my growth. I am pretty happy!

Thigh High!!

I can’t believe how tall it has gotten in the last couple days. It was only about 4 inched tall when I was filling in my broken tile hole.

You can barely see the alfalfa!

Hoping for a great hay year this year. The last couple have been a trick getting it mowed and baled in between rain.

Since it’s so rainy, I decided to get a couple updated pictures of Denton and his bottle babies, since they won’t be bottle babies much longer.

20160501_102513 (2)
Denton and Ginger.
Denton and Junior
Junior and Derek have really grown!

We got another .3″ today, and it was drizzly and grey all day. I am hoping for some sunshine tomorrow! We need it to soak up some of this rain so we can get back to work!










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