Friday Hunt v1.11

It is that time of week when I link up with my good friend down the road for her Friday Hunt! Our prompts this week are the Letter K, Weeks Favorite, and Flower.


The Letter K is for Koda. My darling boy has not been having good days. I noticed last week he wouldn’t go for walks with me. He mostly spends his days laying on his dog bed. The vet has given us a special food to try to get him to eat, with instructions to love him and keep him comfortable. Not a problem. Loving him has always been easy and I will do everything in my power to keep him comfortable.


This weeks Favorite is Diana and Tawny sunning themselves. They remind me so much of Martha and Dolly (their Moms) who were also half sisters. These two have been close since birth, I love the fact that goats have close family bonds that you can see!


Flower is obvious for me! It’s Flower the cat! We got her around my daughters 8th birthday so she got to name her. Apparently we had watched Bambi recently and she decided to name her after Flower the Skunk!

Thank you Teresa for hosting this each week and for getting me excited about blogging! If you would like to join us in the Friday Hunt or just go through the other bloggers interpretations of the prompts, please visit Teresa at Eden Hills!

Thanks for joining me and have a blessed weekend.