The Buns

Another day of introductions! Today it’s the Bunnies turn.  I have been playing with the bunnies the last few days, exercising and trimming nails and giving treats.

The first three are our Holland Lops. They are energetic and fun little critters. This is Hannah.  She is 4 years old and to date our most productive mom and a great show bunny for my daughter. We got her from a girl in Hannah, Illinois.  She is a broken black Holland Lop. We are planning spring babies.


Next we have Dazzle.  She is Hannah’s daughter out of our former buck Chipotle. She is 3 years old and broken pattern black/orange tri.



Then the final Holland lop is Bugs. He is also 3 years old and is considered Blue torte. He will be the be the father of Hannah and Dazzle babies this spring. For more info on Holland Lops click here.



Our next two are both Jersey Woolies.  These are probably my favorite breed of rabbits. They are so quiet and gentle and loving. I love how fluffy they are too. First here is Shimmer.  She is our oldest at 6 and is broken black.  She has been a great little show bunny and is always the one people want to hold.  She will sit on your lap for hours. We are not planning to  breed Shimmer at this time.


Next we have Fluffball, formerly known as Blades-Chase.  Fluffball is 4 years old and considered chestnut.  He is also very sweet but is more active than Shimmer.  He will sit with you for a while, but eventually he will want to be done. Click here for more on Jersey Woolies.


Next we have our New Zealand whites.  These two are our show rabbits and they are a meat breed.  This is Gina. She is 1 and has one litter of 6 so far.  Planning on breeding her this month so her kits can hopefully be shown as fryers for the fair in July.



Then there is George.  He is our buck, 1 also and also goes to shows.  These rabbits are friendly and gentle and get up to about 12 pounds.  Kind of gentle giants. Click here to learn more about New Zealands.


And finally there is our newest member, JerseyBoy. He is 9 months old and is a totally new breed to us. The Beveren is a very old breed. Although uncommon in the United States, the Beveren has a rich European history, as the breed was first developed in Beveren, Belgium during the 19th century. There is a very small number of breeders of these beauties and we are hoping to find a beautiful girl to go with him!


We are so excited about this breed, I may even look for 2 does. I love the blue that Jersey is but definitely like the looks of the black and white! Click here to learn more about Beverens.

And then I have to share with you how helpful Charlie Showcat was while I trying to get pictures of the bunnies. He hates when he isn’t center of attention so often inserts himself I’m the center. Good grief. He is a poser though. He did not want to share the spot light with Hannah. What a guy.