Rules, Schmules

I used to have a fairly strict “No Dogs on the furniture” rule. I think it has been relaxed by my children and husband.


Koda is not complaining. In fact, I think he is begging me not to tell him to get down. You can see him peeking and pleading with his eyes! Of course I won’t make him get down. He is almost 12 and moving so slowly, I am worried terrible about my boy. I fear I don’t have a lot of time left.

Me and Koda.jpg

My heart will be shattered when he is gone. I have never had a more loyal and trusting dog. He has recently stopped going with me when I walk, which makes me not want to walk. He just sits and watches me go. It’s so sad when your friend gets to old to do the things he once loved.

7 thoughts on “Rules, Schmules

  1. Its hard to imagine life without loyal furry friends, but even harder to watch them as they grow weak with age. Spoil them while you can. We lost one of our three a couple weeks ago, he was 17 years old. Our other babies are both 12 years old and is very hard to determine who really rules the roost around here .. them or the grandkids.


  2. My little guy will be 13 in a few months and he’s slowing down a bit too, smaller dogs tend to live longer. My heart is with you on how close we become to our dogs and how hard it is to lose them.

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