Hiking, my style.

One of my favorite places to hike is in one of Brothers pastures. It is absolutely beautiful. I usually only hike to find cows and calves that won’t come when called. But hey! Beggers can’t be choosers!  If you look super close, on a hill far far away, you can see where I parked my truck.

I am really looking forward to a good hike!


Spring break

While I was at home slaving away and saving baby lambs, my daughter flew to Arizona to spend 4 days with my cousin and her awesome family.

My beautiful cousin and daughter. I think there is some family resemblance.
I don’t think she could have possibly had more fun.
Hiking, sight seeing, zip lines, trail rides, good grief!
She is so random.
I can’t believe we were so cold and she is shorts!

It was such a great opportunity and so much fun for her. I can’t wait until we can return the favor and have her kids come from Arizona and visit the farm!

Ahh Monday.

Madelyn went to Arizona for Spring Break to spend time with my cousin and her family. She finally got back on Sunday evening. Gosh I missed her quite a bit. I will post a few of her fun pictures this week.

Bo, Junior, Ginger, and Piper

Got all the babies out to play in the sunshine today! Even the new little lambs are standing and trying to do jumps.

Bo checking out the new guy, Junior.
Piper really wanted to play with the lambs.
Niece#4 and Denton trying to swing, but of course that is where everyone wanted to be.
Trying to photo bomb.

I think everyone got plenty of fresh air. They were all pretty tired this evening. The baby lambs have gotten strong enough to move out to the barn today.


Busy weekend. Haven’t been inside much. Went to Easter at Mom’s. Except the wind was blowing and the sun wouldn’t come out, it was a wonderful day with the family. We had our annual Easter Eggs Scavenger Hunt. I am not sure Big Nephew had near as much fun as Little Nephew!

Little Nephew finding eggs with Big Nephew.

Everyone has team and they have to find their eggs and follow the clues to their individual treasure.


Everyone came out to watch and help keep the kiddos on task.

All parents following.

Of course while we were wondering, of course, we had to check the new baby calves out. How stinking cute is she??

Love white faces.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Easter.

Oh for goodness sake…

I can’t be left alone. This is Junior and Derek.


I don’t even really like sheep, but when neighbor farmer called to say he had a couple lambs he was worried about I was over in a no time. We don’t think they had eaten at all and were very weak. Home we went to have colostrum. Boy did that seem to help. Junior is trying to stand now, Derek is a little weaker.

We will keep trying. Back to every 2 hour feedings.

20160325_162437 (2)

Got Chevy out. He was a bit ornery, but I expected that after a long winter. He settled down and did what I wanted. He even got a little loving from our guest.

Piper and Ginger got to run and play in the sunshine. They aren’t living together anymore. I think Piper is a little rough when she plays so she is living with Ransom and Blaze now.

Friday Hunt v1.13

Friday Hunt time again. For Version 1.13 the prompts are the Letter M, Weeks Favorite, and Birds or Wing.


The Letter M is for Madelyn. She is the most loving, caring, talkative, inquisitive, outgoing, impulsive, helpful, argumentative, easy going, difficult, ornery, bright ray of sunshine I have ever been around.


Weeks Favorite is my little guy, who was so proud of the heart he accidentally bit in his apple. He is sure it means he loves apples!


Birds. The other day I was on my way to town and saw a huge group of birds flying back and forth. There was about 4 different groups that were just huge. I couldn’t get any closer because I had to get to my appointment.Turns out they were snow geese flying through. I should have missed the appointment and turned around and followed them.

Well, Friday’s Hunt is brought to you as always by Teresa at Eden Hills. Please be sure to stop by and visit her and the rest of the Friday Hunt posts!

Have a great weekend. I know I am going to.

Speaking of gardening…

Sometimes my kids convince me to do things even when I have been told not to do it by fairly reliable resources.

Youngest son wanted to grow sunflowers. Brother said don’t. I did. Now I know why Brother said I shouldn’t. I will be pulling volunteer sunflowers forever! I will probably listen next time. Brother isn’t wrong very often!