Friday’s Hunt v1.9

It’s time for Friday’s Hunt again with dear Teresa over at Eden Hills! It’s been a great week and I looking forward to the changes in the weather coming our way! Week 9 brings us Starts with I, this Week’s favorite, and Something Blue.

Of course Starts with I is for Indi. Indi is probably our orneriest goat! If the hole in the gate looks like there is anyway possible for her to get some part of her through it, she will. She definitely has try. She has been out more than anyone else! She is extremely sweet though, so I put up with her shenanigans! We are very excited for her babies this summer!


This weeks Favorite was easy. I love happy and content animals. Oh and sunshine.


I think of Dad every single time I see this picture. I was raking hay for the first time in about 20 years after Dad passed away in 2014 and could barely keep my eyes on the windrows. Dad had the most beautiful Blue eyes and I think he was shining down on us this day.

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.9

  1. I didn’t realize goats could be such escape artists. The comparison of the blue sky to your late dad’s eyes is heart warming.


  2. Lovely Indi! She looks amazingly like some of my goats! LOL I certainly agree with seeing happy clean and dry animals and nice weather. The blue sky is beautiful. Thanks for joining in Friday’s Hunt!


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