Meet Ginger!

Dear youngest son has been wanting a girl goat all his own like big brothers. I posted on all the for sale sites I could trying to find one that is also a bottle baby so he can show her at the 4-H fair this year. No luck. Everyone seems to want to sell the little adorable boys! But I fought the urge to buy them because I wanted a girl for him so she could stay!


My friend finally sent me a message that there was one for sale and it is only a couple miles from here! So we loaded up and went to take a look. It was over the second we saw her! She is adorable!


Dear Daughter of course is very helpful to her Brother when a baby is involved!

She came right home and got to hang out in the house for a little bit while we got her bottle ready and a heat lamp set up.

Then off to the barn to meet her new friends. But first…Bottle! Yum yum! They had a little trouble getting started but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it!


After her tummy was full, she went exploring. What is this kind of goat?

Bullseye the Cat wasn’t sure about this?


Then on to meet the big girls. They didn’t seem to mind her one bit, even had her snuggled in the middle of all three of them this morning when we went out to feed her! I think she is going to be a great little goat for Denton.



So we are back to the bottle feedings which means this will be regular by my coffee pot.


Oh the joys of farm life!

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