My weekend

It was one of those weekends I almost need a day off to recover from! Friday, I was invited to a painting party. I am not artistic at all, but I had a lot of fun trying, and I am pretty happy with how my picture turned out. Afterwards, I met up with my dear friend from southern Iowa for a much needed catch up session.


Saturday started out oddly. I was very concerned because I hadn’t heard JD Calf bawling at me because I was obviously very late and he is usually STARVING! I thought perhaps he had gotten sick. There was no sound from the barn yard when I walked out. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to the barn and here stood JD, Chevy, and 5 big goats in the main room eating whatever they could get to. The place is destroyed!  Goofs knocked down the gate between and came on in and helped themselves!

Rabbit table was dumped over with everything on the floor and upside down.


Container holding all the extra rabbit poop dumped over and lots of  bags destroyed!


After everyone was returned to where they belong and partially straightened up (what a mess, I guess I know what I am doing the next couple days), we moved young goats to a bigger pen so they could get out and enjoy the goats day!

Happy goats soaking up the sun!

 Then Daughter and I went to the sale. We hauled a couple animals of ours and for a friend. We always enjoy sitting through the sale. Didn’t buy anything today, we will save that for Sunday.

Priscilla Pig left the farm today.

 Then we had a wedding reception and another crafting party. Daughter loves crafting so I get to tag along, but I have to admit, I had a really good time at both parties and will be doing it more often.

Picture frame and picture yet to be added.

 Sunday started out with chores and work around the house. Then headed to town for groceries. We were out of most everything. Came back home, unloaded, got nieces, and went to pick our newest members of the farm!



Her sister Wynn


Sweet little Zulu


They were cold and a little scared so hopefully we can get some better pictures in the days to come! We also were very excited to pick up Posy and Rue, who went to live at 7th Heaven Acres with my dear Nieces! They are also very beautiful little ladies. After all that, I am finally done and in the house for the night.

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!

4 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. A messy surprise! But Wynona, Zullu and Wyn are so cute:) Thank you for commenting on my blog! Whenever you have time – join me in my new challenge called SEASONS – anything happening in the season goes, so you could use one of your pics here for the link up – between now and Wed. 9 am standard time It’s beneath my weekly post – thank you!


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