Valentines Day…

I don’t do Valentine’s Day. By that I mean I don’t buy into the whole, you have to buy me a gift to prove how much you love me. I would rather spend everyday of my life proving that to the ones I love. But…

Photo by A Berg Photography


I have kids and they get a little excited about holidays, even when I think they are just a commercial way to boost sales after the New Year. And I don’t mind doing something nice for my family.


I usually try to make a nice meal, with something that we don’t usually have. I cheated a little this year. Hy-Vee had a deal this year, so I ordered it and got it in a nice, neat little box.


I got a lot for not much! Bread, steaks, bacon wrapped asparagus, lobster tails, salads, twice baked potatoes, and cupcakes!

Prep work was pretty simple Basically unpack, and put it in pans and preheat the oven.


It made for an awful pretty table. Needless to say we were all stuffed to the brim! But it turned out delicious!


The after math! Not a lot left, but I will have dinner the next couple days. Of course the chickens and ducks will get the scraps and think they have really hit the jackpot!


Only thing left is the cupcakes, but we had to wait to even be able to try to eat them, even though they are tiny! But aren’t they pretty!


Special thanks to Daughters special Friend for the beautiful flowers! He’s a pretty nice kid who does awfully nice things for her. It sure made a very nice center piece.

Anyway, even though I don’t buy into Valentines Day, I wholeheartedly believe in doing something nice for your family or the ones you love. I hope you had a nice Sunday and got to enjoy the day with ones you love.

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