Friday Hunt v1.7

Today I am again going to link up with Teresa at Eden Hills for Friday Hunt.  This week the topics are starts with G, weeks favorite, and in my kitchen. I am going to putting the prompts in bold letters.


I love this picture of the gate of my moms cattle lot. I took it last winter while waiting to for my brother to sort cows. The snow was so perfect and pretty that day.


I have been going through pictures and moving them all around and I keep coming back to this picture.  It is of my Dad taken by my sister in law while they were building the grain truck.  She captured in so many ways the perfect picture of my Dads smile. You can see how his eyes lit up. He passed away 2 years this week, and I miss him dearly. There isn’t a day that I don’t wish I could walk into the shop and see this smile.  So Dad, you as usual, are my favorite.


I got this plaque from my mom a few years ago and hung it in my kitchen.  I love the saying and love the idea behind it.

Have a beautiful weekend all!


13 thoughts on “Friday Hunt v1.7

  1. Thanks for joining in at Friday’s Hunt! I’m so glad you started a blog (I just got really distracted scrolling back through your posts). Love the shot of your snowy gate. It looks like it could have been from this week. Cute sign! I feel like I would have been lucky had I known your dad. So sorry you lost him too soon.


  2. I am so glad you introduced me to blogging! I am having so much fun looking for new pictures to take and going through some of my old ones. Still learning lots but it is a good time!


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