Another snowy day.

Well, I have been waiting for the last couple days to go to town and get new goat feed for the new little guy and gal I brought home over the weekend. The wind has been blowing so hard, I didn’t want to load and unload feed in that. I decided I would go yesterday. Of course, there is a slight chance for snow. So that means it snowed most of the day. I went anyway.


I decided on just one bag. I have to switch the feed slowly anyway so one should last me until I can get more. After the mill, I stopped by the bank and the grocery store for a couple things and decided I would stop in the local restaurant for a bite to eat.


They have really good food and the local Red Hatters were there so the conversation was lively!


The lot was pretty deserted when I got home. Just JD the calf was waiting on me. Everybody else is inside staying warm.


The dogs seem to be the only ones loving the snow.


Of course what these pictures don’t show is after they ran a circle they were right back at the door wanting in again! They are such goofs in the snow! We still don’t have much snow. Hopefully the sun will come back out soon.

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