Chrome Chevy and Thunder

I have already introduced you to my old man Chrome. He is such a handsome guy!


I thought today I might introduce you to the other two horsey members of our little farm!


First there is Thunder the pony.  She is every bit in charge around here.  Doubt it?  Don’t let her size fool you.  Ponies have a bit of attitude and sass. And by bit I mean A LOT. But she has been a great pony for lots of kids to learn to ride on.

Madelyn on Thunder


They were so cute together!  They rode many a miles together before my daughter got a little to tall.

Landon and Thunder


Then my son started riding her.  He was probably a little more Thunders style.  Go anywhere, step off anything right behind the big guys.  No fear.  She was sure a trooper on long rides.

Landon and Thunder; Madelyn and Lightning


Thunder might get the chance to go play with my niece who is about the right size for her this year.  We will never part with her as she has been to good a friend and teacher to the kids.

Next up is my new little man, Chevy!  The first born colt on my friend Katie’s farm, Chevy was destined to be with me the minute he was born.  April 19th of last year Katie called and off we went to see him.  Totally love at first site.  He is eventually going to take over Chromes work load as he heads into his retirement years.  This boy will have go and spunk and be everything I am wanting for the next 20+ years.

This is him about 1 month old.  He is so sweet and friendly and growing like a weed! He is an appaloosa and will be registered, but will be gelded when he is old enough.  His Momma and Daddy go riding with us sometimes so we get to see them often!

This is Daddy Sunny.  He is very laid back and goes anywhere out riding with Katie.  You would never know he is a stud. He’s a good boy and grew on this farm when Katie had her horses here with us.  My youngest still thinks Sunny is his and is pretty sure Katie stole him!

Mom Sassy is exactly that.  Full of sass! But she can move and goes anywhere.  She usually rides with Ben, but here she is out on a ride with Katie.  She is in foal again and I can’t wait for the call this year when Chevy’s full sibling arrives.  If you are interested in seeing anymore of Katie’s adventures you can find her here.

Chevy and Chrome enjoying summertime 2015


Winter isn’t the best for getting to play with your horses, but I try to pet them everyday and brush them on nice days.  I am really looking forward to Spring to get these two out and going.  Looking forward to getting new pictures and seeing the changes in my little man throughout the last year!

Did you bring food?

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