An Actual Blizzard.

I am beginning to wonder if anyone around here really knows what a blizzard is any more? I know sometimes it is annoying to hear “back in my days…” but I am feeling that way right now.  We have had two “blizzard” warnings in the last two weeks.  Kids missed school last Tuesday and Wednesday due to the “blizzard” we had.

Last Tuesday


I was not impressed.  Yes, there was snow. Yes, there was some wind.  But thankfully not much of either. Fortunately, living where I do, knowing what I know, and having what I have, I didn’t have to panic and race to store before the STORM!  We could probably be snowed in for weeks before running low on food.  We might run low on bread and milk after 3-4 days, we could survive.

Blizzard in 1978, photo credit unknown


I remember growing up and looking at slide pictures with my family of my Grandpa Beavers digging out the lane (not driveway) by hand (WITH A SHOVEL!) so he could get the bus out to pick up the kids for school.  The drifts were taller than the bus in places!  Mom and I were just remembering the time school finally got canceled in the winter of ’93-’94 and we planned to leave at the same time, me following her home.  Of course, just outside of town she spun out and ended up facing back towards town.  She waved me on. I should know the way, right?  Well in normal bad conditions, sure.  But the snow was deeper than my little car was high.  I was plowing the gravel road as I went.  I knew I couldn’t stop or I would be stuck.  There was no turning around.  So, I just went.  Not knowing at the time, in a complete white out I had turned one gravel road to soon.  I knew I had to go south and east.  I did finally make it home. 45 minutes after my mom.  Talk about a white knuckle drive!  I had gripped the wheel so hard my hands would barely straighten.

December 24, 2015


Blowing snow sucks.  Slick roads suck. But there is a real beauty to winter if you look for it.  I am thankful again that this was more of what I consider a light snow with high winds than a blizzard.  It was not fun doing chores today.

My Dad heading out do his chores a few years ago. Photo by Mom


But I always try to look for fun in everything. After the work outside is done, you can play, snuggle, eat comfort foods and enjoy family time! And that can be all it takes to make “blizzards” worth it after all.


Enjoy your day!  Spring will be here before we know it!

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