Friday Hunt 1.6

This week for our Friday Hunt with my dear friends at Eden Hills are the letter F, negative space, and weeks favorite.

For the letter F I decided to go with Flower the Cat.  Flower is one of our beloved barn cats that sometimes thinks she should sneak in the house.  She is momma to 2 of our other beloved barn cats.  We got her as kitten for my daughters 8th birthday making her 6 this year.  I had make 5 appointments to get her fixed due to continually getting knocked up again!  Finally had to put her in the house with a litter of kittens and wean the kittens out of the house to get it done!  But we are glad we have her and her boys to keep mice and things out of the barn and our other animals feed.  She’s not a poser, but her she is telling her youngest son Charlie to back off.


Negative Space was a little tricky for me.  But I took this picture this week out of my hay mow door.  I could probably sit up there looking at this view for hours.


Favorite is this one I took last night at our family get together.  The kids were playing duck, duck, goose.  My cousins kids, siblings kids, and my kids, along with one of my cousins grandkids and her daughter in law are all there.  Filled my heart to watch them all playing together and having a ball.  We don’t get together as often as we used to so it is always fun to see everyone and let the kids play.


Then to finish, I wanted to share our new little friend.  This is Rio Grande.  She is our new guinea pig and such a doll!  We got her because our other guinea pig passed away recently and Turbo has never been alone.  We noticed he was losing weight and not eating or coming out of his hut.  I was worried he was sad or lonely, so we went looking for friend.  Happy to note, that they not only seem to get along well but he was out of his hut most of the day and we saw him eating more than in recent days!

We currently in a blizzard warning, hopefully it turns out as “bad” as last weeks.  Hope you are all safe and warm!  Have a wonderful week!

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