Friday Hunt v1.4/v1.5

I am looking forward to learning how to get this all set up.  My good friend over at Eden Hills is doing a Friday Hunt each week and I am really enjoying getting back to taking some picture again.  Of course I am a week behind, so today I am going to try to catch up with last weeks prompts and this weeks prompts!

Last week, the hunt prompts for 1.4 were the letter D, weeks favorite, and beautiful.

Koda, summer 2015


D is for DOGS! We have three mixed up dogs.  First there is Koda.  He is going to 12 years old in May and is a border collie lab mix.  He has been a great dog, with the kids and with the animals.  He loves going for walks through the timber and with me on horse rides.  I worry about him since he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last summer.  But with the meds he is on now, he seems to be happy and comfortable.

Nala, Summer 2015


Nala is going to 2 years old this June.  She is an American bulldog, Doberman, beagle. She is my hubby’s dog although I think she would follow me anywhere! We got her a puppy and she was so generous to get pregnant right away and give us a litter of 8 puppies last January.  Not the plan but that leads us to Bo.

Baby Bo, Summer 2015


Bo is our Boxer/American Bulldog, Doberman, beagle mix.  While the rest of his litter mates were taken to their forever homes, I guess he was meant to stay with us.  He turned 1 in January and he loves the kids.  Especially our youngest who he watches like a hawk and follows everywhere.  I think every kids should have a dog like that!

For this weeks Favorite, I am Trying to work on getting picture from my camera to my computer.  I took this one out in the lot.

Chrome and JD Calf


This is Chrome and our calf JD.  They were at all impressed with my taking pictures as opposed to feeding them!


This a picture I took will walk through the pasture last spring checking cows.  I am at the bottom of one of the steepest hills on my mom’s farm. I just love it and going through old pictures makes me wish we didn’t have big snow storm coming Tuesday.

And now for this weeks prompts!  1.5 is Letter E, weeks favorite, and Sky


E is for everybody.  This is most of the big animals on the farm.


This weeks Favorite is of JD Calf and Blaze Buck snuggling in the sunshine. This was sweetest.  They didn’t even wake up when I walked up to take the picture.


For Sky, I am sharing this one I took in the summer of 2014 while raking hay.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful the sky looked that day with the clouds floating slowly by.

So there are my Friday Hunts versions 1.4 and 1.5.  I am going to try link this one up!  See you soon.

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