First Blog Ever.

So I am going to try this blog thing out!  I have been following my dear friend Teresa over at Eden Hills Farm.  But for now I just want to thank her for helping lead me on this journey.

To start with I am trying to get myself set up to do the Friday Hunt 1.5.  Wish me luck. I still haven’t gotten 1.4 done yet!

Here’s my first picture.

My big guy Chrome.


This is Chrome, my horse, and probably the oldest animal on the farm.  He has been with us 9 years now and he is my happy place!  Although the vet has guessed him at over 18 under 26, we think he is around 22.  We can only guess as we bought him from a horse trader who assured me he was 13 years old at the time.  Who know really?  I do love him dearly, and have had many a wonderful days wandering around in the timber, moving cows, running up hills, or splashing through creeks with him.  He brings me joy just to see him in the barn yard.  I am hoping to try to introduce you to all the animals, human and non on our little funny farm and even a few from my mom and brothers farm where I work! If you would like to check us out on Facebook I think the link is below!

Broken Barn Farm